There is a cartoon dystopia on the brink of total self-destruction. Consumerism is a terrible machine that relentlessly chews up and swallows its unaware populace. The system is lifeless and robotic, and the unsettling feeling arises that perhaps we are all trapped. Who is controlling this reality? The only way to escape and discover whether or not you are real is to enter a black hole and travel through space-time, to a parallel dimension of make believe.

Animation co-created by Molly Allis and Tempe Hale. Music by Molly Allis.

Autumn and Talula Travel Through a Black Hole

Two eight-year olds travel through a black hole to escape an apocalypse and share their experiences with each other. A robot wonders whether or not he is real, and talks about his desire to travel through space. What happens when you travel through a black hole?

Pilgrim, Your Heart is a Ball of Light

What happens when you take a journey to the secret kingdom of the heart?

Music by Molly Allis. 


“Seahorse” is a music video for the New York City-based band, “HUFF THIS!”